Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Korg Humps

The Journy to Korg

The rescue of Miller's Wheel

Early in the month of First Hunt the newly formed Rangers of the Korg humps were called to meet Sergeant Major Grizbuk, the lead Ranger for the Rangers of Tolm. After the events from a few weeks beforehand it was deemed necessary to set up an outpost deeper within the Korg Humps. To further this he called Rangers Dane Landen, Gobner, Fixer, and Grek to his office.

The Sergeant Major gave the new group the task of searching the Korg Humps for a good location to set up a new outpost, preferably one near to Korg itself, as well as that of looking for any remaining groups of prelacy or builder forces that could be in the region after the destruction of the Builder power station. They were fully equipped for their journey and directed to report any forces they find.

Before leaving Tolm several members of the group took advantage of the Sergeant Major’s largess, including Grek who made sure to arrange for a good (and trustworthy) home for his goat friends. Tina took some convincing before she would stay and even then she almost broke down the fence as Grek walked away. All told they took two days to gather everything they thought they’d need and head out.

As they prepared to leave the group discussed how to proceed. They consensus was that it was extremely important to locate any remaining prelacy or builder troops. They also felt that it was likely that any such troops would be raiding travelers along the roads. So, in an effort to appear more ambushable, Rangers Dane and Gobner hid their weapons and cloaks in bags and concealed on their person. No-one believed for a moment that anyone would try to ambush Grek so he and Fixer stayed a ways back from the other two.

After two days of travel in this way their patience paid off. The front-most two were ambushed by a pack of Ratzin being led by two prelacy archers and a Prelacy Paladin. Much as with their previous encounters with Childer in the region these Ratzin were wearing collars that controlled their actions. In the ensuing fighting the Rangers were able to capture one of the archers as he tried to flee. After some questioning, both at the ambush site and back at the camp, they found out that the ambush group had been sent out by a prelacy commander who was now housed within the nearby town of Miller’s Wheel.

With some magical assistance from Fixer the Rangers approached Miller’s Wheel under cover of darkness. Upon getting close to the town Grek caught the whiff of Ratzin in a building nearby and attacked. A pitched battle through the streets of the small town followed, culminating with an impressive duel of flashing blades between Gobner and the Prelacy Crusader as Grek tussled with a Builder golem that was nearly his own size and Dane tried to chase down a Builder Arcmancer on horseback. Unfortunately not only that Arcmancer but all three that were in the town managed to flee successfully, but the Ranger’s freed the town from the Prelacy’s grasp.


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