Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Korg Humps

Trials of Light Part 1

  • Traveling to the wildlands of Shaintar to the city of Tolm. I have joined up with small group of Rangers under the command of Sergeant Major Grizbuk to search out Prelacy forces in the area. They came upon some of them with Childer under their control. Each other ranger with where of great skill and interesting character. He hope to prove himself as Ranger and Paladin of the Light.
  • They encountered the first of the Prelacy as the rumors where true they where in control of the Childer. His new friend 0gre Grek move in to attack them as the other took on the other the Prelacy. He fought against ratzin and soldiers of the Prelacy then hearing huge noise coming their way. A large horned bull creature with a massive axe looked at them. Grek went to confront it while the others went to finish off that remained of the enemy. With the paladin leader down and the others taken care of they look at the collars. Tinker a ranger dwaft seem to know what it made from.
  • I took up a blade from of the Paladin looking it seems strange to him. TInker told his is arcfire enhanced blade. He chose to keep it to help with his future battles. He talked with Tinker to help him show how Arcfire items worked. They moved on with Grek with his new massive axe fixed now for him to use. They went to a nearby village to look into Childer matter around the area. Dane went up to the local church with few fellow rangers to talk with the priesthood there. Maeve O’Halloran Who took the lead while at the town talk with the Bishop there while went with to see what was going on around there.


Galphanore shadowofknives

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