Shaintar_J&L_Rangers of the Korg Humps

Trials of Light part 2

  • There was loud noises coming from the main part of the church the winged ranger of our group went to check it out. After a few moments he called to us childer where in the church. I came out with sword in hand. As I gazed around the area my eyes stopped on a minotour our eyes locked. I stood my ground pointing my blade stating it will no make another step. With the grace of archanon with me it stopped in place.
  • The battled raged on as we fought inside of the church our fellow rangers fought childer in the village. Grek was at the main door fighting prelacy and ratzin he seem to be winning when a rat got a lucky strike on him. By his side where two goats and the female of them came and attacked that ratzin ripping it’s balls off killing it. Saving Grek’s life finished off the remaining creatures around him. The battle was over for now as we healed up we learned that the childer where controlled by collars of builder make.

*We were told that there where prelacy forces still in the area we tracked some that did survive that ran. We ended up in a forested area thought of a plan of attack.


Galphanore shadowofknives

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