Dane Landen

Paladin of Light, Ranger of the Korg Humps, Thunder Survivor


Dane LandenAttributes: Agility d8, Smarts d6, Spirit d8, Strength d8, Vigor d10

Skills: Fighting d8 Healing d6 Intimidation d6 Knowledge: Cosmology d6 Knowledge: Flame d6 Notice d6 Persuasian d4 Riding d6 Shooting d6 Survival d6 Tracking d6

Pace: 6(8); Parry: 10 (2) ; Toughness: 12 (5)
Armor: Dwarf Forged Partial Plate and Chain Bonus +5, -2 Coverage
Bracers +2 Parry

Weapon: Long Sword Attack d8 Damage Str+d8 (Demon Breaker +2 Damage, +1 Fighting Arcfire Enchanced, +1 Damage from Crysruim edge.)(Another one with just +1 Parry)
Arcfire Handcaster Attack d6 Damage 2d8 Range 12/24/48 Ap2 4 shots before reload
Enhanced Arcfire Handcaster Attack d6 Damage 2d8 + 2 Range 15/30/60 Ap3 8 shots before reload ROF 2
+ 2 Shooting

Edges: Paladin of Light (+2 armor vs flame/darkness, +2 damage against them.)
Arcfire Trained, Chosen of the Feather, Chosen of the Horn, Brawny, Two-fisted
Ambidextrous, Acrobat, Block, Knowledge (Flame) d4, Knowledge (Flame) d6 & Knowledge (Cosmology) d6,
Slayer (Demonslayer)

Hindrances: Obligations (Church of the Light). Code of Honor, Loyal, Big Mouth

Gear: Traveling Gear, Healer Kit, Riding Horse, Bracers (+2 Parry), Magic Boots +2 Pace 5 points for speed spell.

Xp: 73 Veteran


Dane Landen

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