Opal Fellfield

Dwarvish Wright with a love for perfect toast.


Archetype: Wright

Description: Brunette Dwarf; Grey Ranger Corporal

Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d10, Spirit d6, Strength d8, Vigor d8

Skills: Climbing d4; Fighting d8; Investigation d6+2; Knowledge (Siegecraft) d4+3; Knowledge (History) d8+1; Knowledge (Mechanics) d4+3; Lockpicking d4; Notice d8 (see below); Repair d8+5; Shooting d6; Survival d4; Throwing d4

Notice modifiers: +3 if involves metallurgy and mechanics; +2 for anything lore-related

Resource: d10

Pace: 5; Parry: 8 (2); Toughness: 10 (4)

Armor: Partial Plate & Chain – +4 Armor, Coverage -2; Large Shield – +2 Parry, +2 Armor vs ranged shots that hit

Weapon: Dwarven Axe (Str +d8); Warhammer (Str +d6, AP 1 vs plate or rigid armor); Dwarven Crossbow (2d6)

Edges: Low Light Vision; Intestinal Fortitude (use Vigor for Spirit vs Fear/Intimidate); Keeper of the Old Ways (+2 Repair, Notice, Knowledge about metallurgy & mechanics); Education; Apprentice Wright; Arcfire Trained, Lore Warden, Journeyman Wright

Hindrances: Cannot Swim; Curious; Loyal, Stubborn, Obligations – Lore Wardens

Gear: Wright’s pack (+2 Repair)

Defining Interests (4): Domestic gadgetry; Music;

Languages: Dwarven, Galean; Goblinesh; Fey

XP: 37
5 – Apprentice Wright
10 – Arcfire Trained
15 – Investigation d6; Knowledge (History) d8
20 – Spirit d6
25 – Lore Warden
30 – Journeywoman Wright
35 – Smarts d10

Arcfire Trained (Professional Edge)
Requirements: Smarts d6+, Does not have the All Thumbs Hindrance
This highly specialized Edge cannot be attained unless the Hero has been trained by someone who is either an Arcmancer or has been Arcfire Trained and has some experience. This person can then teach the techniques and understanding required to attain this Edge. A character must be Arcfire Trained in order to use any Arcmancy- created device. Without this Edge, the device simply will not work for him. Note that this does not mean he automatically has the needed skill; an Arcfire device that shoots the bolt power requires Shooting, but one that grants the deflection power requires the Arcmancy skill to operate. An Arcfire Trained Hero without the skill will either have to roll the default d4-2 or have someone who has the skill turn on the device for them.


Opal Fellfield

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